Sunday, January 27, 2008

Barack Steaming Ahead

Very pleased to read about this result this morning. To be honest I was starting to seriously worry that the Clintons' election campaign was succeeding. Obviously Barack Obama's campaign cannot relax now, but I think that it is becoming an increasing possibility that Obama could be on the way to getting the nomination, and to get ahead by such a percentage in South Carolina is impressive.
One thing I do hope comes through all this, and that is whether Obama or Clinton wins, one will give the other a prominent post if the Democrats win this year's Presidential election. It's probably not likely to happen given the negative campaigning that has been going on between them and if I were either of them I wouldn't want to do that, but both are talented individuals with much to offer and working together they can achieve much.


Ben Furber said...

The problem is that neither can use the other as a running mate because there would be too much heat at the bottom of the ticket. But neither of them could accept any other position because it would be insulting.

Paul Burgin said...

Unfortunatley I think you are right

lettersfromatory said...

The betting markets still have Hillary comfortably in the lead but needless to say Super Tuesday will be an incredible day in terms of US politics.

I still think Al Gore might be chosen as a running mate by whoever wins the nomination.