Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Derek Conway

I indirectly learnt a harsh lesson some months ago, not to automatically pass judgement on a politician just because a) I find he or she dislikeable and b) he or she is a Conservative or a Lib Dem. And yes, I did have that attitude, but I soon realised that if I were in the Party on the receiving end I would find such swift judgements nasty and unfair.

Now I don't like Derek Conway, mainly because from some of what I have heard about him he seems to be a nasty piece of work, and yet I can't gloat over this case.

I also don't think this is a witch-hunt, but I would say to Conservatives and Liberal Democrats when they gloat over Peter Hain and other unfortunate cases, not to throw stones in glass houses. These scandals affect us all and David Cameron should consider what he would demand Labour do if this happened to us and then have a good look in the mirror and ask if a) he would inflict the same punishment, and b) if not, then why not, and what that would say about his judgement!


Tommy Atkins said...

Absolutely, Paul. I'm a Conservative supporter but I agree with you. I don't believe we can have one rule for one party another rule for another party. Nothing will do more to damage democracy and the rule of law than the perception that MPs are on the make and misappropriating public funds or that MPs are up for sale to dodgy think tanks and anonymous donors.

lettersfromatory said...

The public faith's in politics is probably the biggest loser from the Tony Conway fiasco, let alone the integrity of the Conservative Party.

The most obvious concern to arise from this is the pathetic punishments that MPs suffer when they show a total disregard for their responsibilities.

Paul Burgin said...

True indeed

Anonymous said...

This man had the cheek to call members of our constituency when we had a problem wit Nick Hawkins. When asked what he thought he was doing he said to mind our own business what he did wit
h his spare time was his business. We also asked could he confirm that he was not using HoC telephones for his campaign again he refused to comment.This was one trough user supporting another. I would like to have Simon Walters views now on Mr.Hawkins and Mr. Conway's conduct.Can we get away from the joke honourable Gentlemen. How I wish more of them were.
Quickest way to get people interested in politics and politicians again 2

克莱夫 said...

Who is Tony Conway?