Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I have put the disclaimer on the top of my blog because one or two people have quoted me from this blog, referring to one or two of my volunteer titles, i.e. N.E. Herts Labour Press Officer etc..
I thought it was obvious when I was writing as an individual, in other words when I wasn't, which was rare, I made it clear that I was also representing the views of others, clearly that might not be perceived as such, so I have felt it important to put in the disclaimer. As before, if in future I am using this blog in any official capacity then I shall make it clear.

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Damion Roberts said...

I think that is probably wise, Paul, as I said in my previous posting. It was very easy before for people to claim the comments you were making were that of a N E Herts Labour Press Officer and it was probably wise to clarify this to save yourself from any embarrassment.