Hain Must Go

I feel sorry for Peter Hain. I am also saddened when you consider that when he first became well known, he was an active anti-apartheid campaigner when some of the dinner table classes in Middle England weren't worrying about global warming, but felt that we were being a little too unkind to the South African government whose police seemed to have an astonishing no of bizzare suicides in police custody.
He faced down a nasty smear campaign and has since become one of the more redoubtable figures in front-line British politics. The fact remains however that at best he has shown a certain degree of embarrasing ignorance and, I hate to say it of a political opponent but Iain Dale is right, if this was the Conservative Party we would want a resignation on the table with immediate effect.
Perhaps if he is proven to be innocent he can return at some point in the future, but this story looks like it will be ongoing and I for one am not looking forward to tomorrow's papers, and if nothing else he should hand in his resignation first thing on Monday


Anonymous said…
I totally disagree,why do the Tories work for them and listen to right wing irrelevant mouthpieces like Dale?
Peter Hain is getting trial by media, the BBC and the establishment Tory machine.
What happened was a cock up not a conspiracy.
Labour people should rally round and not buy into the nonsense the media is spouting.
Paul Burgin said…
There are two responses to this, one is the perception of public trust and the other is would you hold the same view if this was happening to the Conservatives? If Hain resigns, then a subsequent enquiry clears his name then that will be helpful to all concerned (bar nefarious opponents), but the longer he stays the more damage is done!
Man in a Shed said…
From the political point of view Peter Hain staying in post is good for the Conservative party - of which I'm a member - since it provides yet further support of the shameless pattern of behaviour of Labour ministers.

However as a citizen you have to care about standards of government - whom ever is in power - and for that reason I like to see Peter Hain resign or better be sacked.

Of course perhaps Hain has inside knowledge of Brown's operation that makes him impossible to sack ?

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