Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Paul's Blog Posts Of the Week

Cally's Kitchen on one of his favourite bookshops

Kerron Cross on ice cream vans in the dead of winter

Rupa Huq on Alison Jackson looking for a Gordon Brown lookalike (It's because Gordon is unique ;) )

Luke Akehurst on the lack of organisation of Peter Hain's campaign staff

Mike Ion on the hope for a Clinton/Obama dream ticket (I couldn't agree more, although obviously I prefer Obama/Clinton at the moment ;) )

PooterGeek on his single status and the film I am Legend (However he is wrong about Will Smith being the first black President. It will be Barack Obama :), hopefully :/ )

Lisa Rullsenberg on Green Wing's Stephen Mangan

Iain Dale on last nights episode of The Palace (watched it myself, and note that the Royal siblings have medieval royal names like Eleanor, Richard, and Isabella. All to do with the scheming perhaps)


rupahuq said...

Hi Paul, Thanks. Saw you on tv yesterday. Thought you were very courageous to say what most must be thinking...

Paul Burgin said...

Thanks, but that doesn't mean to say I am feeling brave :/

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

ta for the link, but it was Anna who did the work (and very well too!) of interviewing Mr Mangan...