Friday, January 25, 2008

Quantum Of Solace

Okay, some feel that is a bit of an unusual title for a Bond movie, but it is the title of a short story featuring 007 that Ian Fleming wrote in the late 1950's. It later featured in a collection of James Bond short stories entitled For Your Eyes Only.
In any case it looks like it will be a worthy follow up to Casino Royale, with Bond out to break the organisation that Le Chiffre worked for and still recovering from the betrayal and death of Vesper Lynd. It's certainly good on plot in a similar way, if not better than From Russia With Love and On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
Incidentally it turns out that this year is the centenary of Ian Fleming's birth, so Royal Mail will be having some Bond-themed stamps out this Spring. Ah well, interesting but does it beat The Living Daylights out of previous themed stamps? ;)


Tim Roll-Pickering said...

There are worse ones - would anyone want a movie called "007 in New York"?

And just what does "A View to a Kill" mean? In that movie it comes up in dialogue but means nothing other than that Zorin is stark raving mad (which wasn't exactly the intention of the scene).

Paul Burgin said...

Well title aside, I don't think 007 in New York is filmable. As for A View to a Kill, the short story isn't really represented in the film at all, aside from Bond dealing with villains just outside Paris. The dialogue bit you mentioned is panned out in so far as the first time you see the Golden Gate Bridge you are looking at the view, the next time is the climax of the film where Bond and Zorin have a fight to the death near the very top of the bridge