Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Richard Littlejohn and His Vile Humour

Was disgusted to read in the Daily Mail yesterday, Richard Littlejohn comparing Gordon Brown to Chris Langham and using the particular nasty phrase "kiddie fiddler smile"
The thing is, one doesn't expect the opposition, and by that I mean any opposition to the government, to go easy, or even be nice about the PM. After all it would be hypocritical to expect otherwise when the left dished it out without pulling punches on Margaret Thatcher.
But there are limits, and such comparisons with Gordon Brown is a step too far. There are many columnists and pundits out there in the World who are bullies and behave in a vile way that many would not get away with. I hope Littlejohn is one of those who doesn't get away with it and apologises for his feeble attempt at a joke.


Paul Linford said...

It's not a joke, Paul, it's a deadly serious attempt by the right to fix the idea of Gordon as a "weirdo" in the public mind. It's not just the likes of Littlejohn who are doing it, you can see also see it happening on all the leading right-wing blogs, especially Guido Fawkes.

Someone calling themselves "Stanislav" wrote a lengthy piece on Guido entitled "Come out, Gordon" which claimed that the Prime Minister is suffering from chronic mental illness as a result of having repressed his homosexuality, and that marrying Sarah and having children late in life (ie as the prospect of Downing St drew closer) had essentially been a front.

Yes, it's vile, contemptible rubbish - but the depressing thing is that probably more people read that single post than read either your blog or mine in the whole of last year.

DaveHill said...

Agreed. Littlejohn is a worthless turd.

Anonymous said...

He actually compared Chris Langham to Gordon Brown ?

That really is disgusting. Mr Langham is at least paying his debt to the community. To compare him with the man who stole our pensions, sold our gold and built a bubble economy on personal debt and cheap imported labour is most unfair on him.

Paul Burgin said...

Paul I know, but if people who read such posts choose to believe it, then they should know better and use their brains more often. Anon, thats not funny and at least have the courtesy and guts to name yourself when you make such jokes

politicschimpette said...


As a reader of your blog on most days, I have found that, despite our obvious political differences, we agree on many of the same things. However, I find this post a little hypocrital given the stance that you took on Miranda Grell who did exactly what you are suggesting Littlejohn did. You were challenged by Iain Dale to revisit your views in a blog post after her court case and appear to not have had the courage. Isn't this just one rule for you and another for everyone else?

Paul Burgin said...

Chimpette, I had a feeling someone might bring that up :/, so let me state something on this on the one occasion.
Believe me it would be easy (and indeed tempting) for me to apologise, to avoid any form of scandal if nothing else and because I don't like the problems taking the stance I have has caused. However for various reasons which I won't go into online here, or anywhere else, I wonder whether the issue is so clear cut and for those reasons prefer to stay silent. With Littlejohn however it is clear cut, he printed the comparison in a national newspaper, as clear as day.
I will apologise in one respect however, and that that on this issue it was, and is, never my intention to hurt, and for that I apologise if my stance has caused genuine hurt.

molesworth 1 said...

These rumours have been doing the rounds on Guido's place for a while. The nuttiest of them are posted by 'dalai lama ding dong' [sic], and it's worth searching the site for his most recent posts as they are genuine foaming-at-the-mouth conspiracy lunacy. Also, lay off Stanislav, the young polish plumber. He is a top lad, and very, very funny. Also, you might need some work done at some point, so don't tick him off too lightly.