Friday, January 11, 2008

Sir Edmund Hillary 1919-2008

Definetly one of the great pionners of our time. Of course there will always be the wonder as to whether Mallory and Irvine got there first (unless conclusive evidence appears), but Hillary and Tenzing made it back and there were other achievements, such as the involvement Hillary had with the first crossing of Antarctica. He also did much to help the Sherpa community in Nepal, building hospitals, airstrips, bridges, and nearly 30 schools.
One of those people who truly deserved their knighthood and who will be much missed.


Josh said...


We have created a memorial page to pay tribute to those loved ones who have passed away and to pay tribute and remembrance to those who have touched our lives. A special page has been created for Sir Edmund Hillary at


Paul Burgin said...

Not my kind of thing, but some of Mars Hill's readers might be interested