Thursday, January 17, 2008

Twenty-Five Years of Breakfast

I think it is fair to say that I am of the very last generation of people in the UK who knew of a world before Breakfast TV. In fact I can vaguely remember there being just three TV channels, and programmes not starting till around 9AM, unless you happened to turn on to BBC 2 and catch some boring programme with the strange name of Open University.

Then Channel 4 arrived, swiftly followed by BBC Breakfast Time, and then TV AM

I can remember when Breakfast Time started, even at seven years old I dimly knew that a major change to British broadcasting was taking place, so I got up about half past six, swiftly washed and dressed, and had breakfast before dashing into the sitting room and watching a bit of BBC Breakfast before heading off for school. Thing is though, I can't remember a single thing about that first episode.

But I do remember the old sofa look and the original presenters; Nick Ross , Frank Bough , David Icke (I don't know if I am more shocked by his views or that he was once a respected anchorman), Francis Wilson, Selina Scott, and others. Later on at University and in the following years, one or two of my male friends and I enjoyed watching it if only because we liked Jeremy Bowen's blokey style and we adored Sophie Raworth.

And unlike TV AM and it's lack of bias ;), BBC Breakfast had, and has, class and style in abundance. It gives plenty of time to decent news coverage, treats it's entertainment news with respect, and it's audience as intelligent. I can't believe that some of us have spent 25 years with the programme, but we salute you.


Paul Linford said...

Interesting to see Icke there - hard to remember that he was a very talented broadcaster before he went bonkers.

I once read that he badly wanted the Grandstand anchorman's job, and that when it went to Des Lynam it turned his head, but this may just have been black propaganda.

Middle Man said...

And it has all gone down hill since Bill Turnbull: