The Archbishop And The Sharia Law

I have to say I was shocked when Rowan Williams suggested this. I have met him briefly on a couple of occasions, and on that experience and from what I have read and seen of him, he seems to be an intelligent and thoughtful guy.
However on this occasion I think he has ended up in a blind alley. We cannot have a system in this country where it is one set of laws for one culture and another set of laws for another. It will lead to a sense of resentment and confusion and help divide the country when we need to understand and work together accross the cultural barriers that exist.
One way to do that is to help uphold the law and it's framework in a way that benefits many, if not all of it's citizens. If people have a problem with a certain law, then campaign to get it changed, but what the Archbishop says will not work and is unhelpful to all concerned


Anonymous said…
It is a shocking display of naivete by Rowan Williams. There is room for debate on this kind of thing (after all aren't practising Jews allowed some privileges in this area?). But he could have said it in a more sensitive way rather than playing into the hands of the Hate Mail and its friends in the gutter.
Anonymous said…
What was perhaps a well meaning thought has potentially disastrous consequences. If Muslims are to have their own laws then why not Christians.

I think the archbishop should spend more time and energy supporting and promoting his own faith than pandering to other religions in an attempt to be political correct.

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