Dave Cameron's Diary: 21st February 2008

Meeting of the Shadow Cabinet before PMQ's. Suggestions on what to givethe Prime Minister for his birthday (shudder). George's suggestion was met with shocked silence, before he mentioned that he was only joking, I do wonder about George's humour sometimes. Have gone for the safe option.
Then to PMQ's, where once again I savaged Gordon Brown until he was a quivering wreck. I am particually proud of comparing him to Fidel Castro who tortured and executed many of his opponents under his dictatorship, whereas in comparison..
Erm anyway, it was off to Bradford where I gave a dazzling speech condemming forced marriages. I was careful to make the distinction from arranged marriages. Afterwards one or two party members asked if the "Love Bombs" with the Lib Dems constituted as arranged marriages for the grassroots! They clearly have not seen the love at first-hand
Bad news this evening. The Electoral Commission stated that the main political parties received £16.7m in donations in the final quarter of last year, which is apparently the third highest amount ever. Embarrasingly the Conservatives are at the top of the list by around £4 million. Rang Lord Ashcroft for advice and he stated that it was worse for Labour because they had Union backing, whereas we had the backing of wealthy individuals concerned about the future of this country. He was coughing a lot at that moment, particually when he said that he wasn't being hypocritical. I do hope he is alright!


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