Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Disingenuous Of Some Agitators

One thing that has struck me in the past few days is how disingenuous some people are in order to make a point. Usually it involves being snide and then trying to be clever when caught out.
One attempt happened recently in cyberspace when Rupa Huq made a valid comment on The Guardian's Comment Is Free, regarding the recent vandalism of a memorial in memory of Stephen Lawrence. A simple scroll down the comments page on the Comment Is Free site will show a remark made where someone criticised Rupa's opinion on the subject matter by stating that no one makes the same fuss if a WHSmith window gets smashed.
Well yes there is a difference and most people can notice it. The simple fact is no one set up a chain of WHSmith's anywhere in memory of a murder victim, and the aforementioned comment leaves a bitter taste in the mouth when one considers that Stephen Lawrence was murdered simply because of the colour of his skin. I suspect the person who made their point knew something of that and was being revoltingly facetious.
Another example of disingenuousness this week came during the latest confrontation between Iain Dale and Simon Heffer on the Daily Telegraph TV Station. Iain criticised Heffer for making a link between autism and Gordon Brown (and lets face it, Heffer is not the first to do this), but he fought back by refering to autism in it's original meaning (it's some seven-and-a-half minutes into the programme Right On). Of course, Telegraph readers may well have a sophisticated view of the World as much as readers of other broadsheets, but we all think of autism in it's modern sense when it is first mentioned and Heffer is an intelligent guy, so either he was being ignorant or else he was being deliberatley offensive.
Are the right now all cuddly and friendly under Cameron? Hmm, I don't think so either!

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Simon said...

"Stephen Lawrence was murdered simply because of the colour of his skin."

What is your proof of this? Seriously, where is it?

It's funny how all the mention at this 'racist' vandalism has vanished since police said one of the vandals was black.

There are white victims of racist murders that have no memorials dedicated to them despite being proven victims of racism, unlike Stephen Lawrence. White people suffer racially motivated attacks in greater numbers than non-white people (according to the Home Office). And war memorials are often vandalized without the 'outrage' from Livingstone and his socialist mates.