Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fly Me To The Moon

Am rather intrigued by this, and rather enthusiastic too. That said however, I think we should wait for a year or so and see how the Global Economy pans out.


Man in a Shed said...

The idea is a disaster. The UK (thanks to the previous Conservative government) has backed the right horse - satellites and robots. ( We are world leaders in some areas such a micro satellites. )

Manned space flight is a massive hole in the ground into which cash is flung - petrol poured on top then a match thrown in.

This is all about spin and mis-direction. The government is in trouble, the economy is stalling (to a large extent due to measure that government has taken ), and the psychological flaws of the current leader can no longer be hidden from public view.

So why not grab some headline time with yet another review (does the government ever decide anything ? ).

If it goes ahead real science, astronomy and space exploration will die and vast piles of cash will be destroyed.

For example have you ever heard a convincing explanation of what the International Space Station is actually for ? Did you know there are no plans for it after 2016 ?

Fortunately they're not serious - this is just the usual spin, deceit and distraction from the government.

My-Art said...

i hope you like my take on the moon

Paul Burgin said...

I simply stated that it was an idea worth pursuing, but that this was not the ideal time.