Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Paul's Blog Posts Of The Week

Annie Porthouse on tithing and keeping Sunday special

Cally's Kitchen on "Super Duper Tuesday"

Rupa Huq on the need to make progress in the fight against the BNP

Tim Roll-Pickering on the vulnerability on the Internet

WongaBlog on visiting Birmingham Symphony Hall (great place)

Brighton Regency Labour Supporter on PR and the difficulties of arguning for it (Personally I am still enamoured by AV)

Normblog on British identity

Don Paskini on whether we should bring forth another windfall tax

PooterGeek on being stalked by celebrities

Ellee Seymour has a list on some of the most useless inventions ever


donpaskini said...

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the link! Hope you are well.

Neil Harding said...

Paul, What do you like about the Alternative Vote? I assume you realise that it is no more proportional than the present system - so we could still have parties getting 55% of the seats with 35% of the votes (Labour could have come third in terms of votes in 2005 and still have had most seats!). How can anyone defend that and still claim to be a democrat?

Paul Burgin said...

Neil, if we had AV in 2005, Labour would have had a larger majority. It would also help cement the relationship between political parties and the constituencies they are in, plus MP's would still have a constituency of their own to represent.