Saturday, February 23, 2008

School Trips to Auschwitz

A piece I wrote earlier today on Labourhome :

Tories face uproar over accusing Labour of "gimmicks"

I would like to think that the Tories' concerns are genuine here (after all, I hate to think that they would stoop so low as to make political capital out of the Holocaust), as indeed is Labour's commitment on this issue.But to make an accusation of making a "gimmick" is not only ill-thought out, it is deeply offensive and not only does it show how the Tories' have some way from shaking the "nasty" label, it would do well for them to apologise to all concerned

Since I wrote that piece, Guido has stated that he thinks it's some over-zealous type at Conservative Central Office who will get a, ahem, good telling off. Iain has stated that he thinks it's due to lack of proper vetting at CCHQ. I appreciate all parties have their tribal blockheaded types who attack without thinking of the consequences or the weapons which they use, but it makes you wonder about the Tories' having such a crass-minded individual amongst them who can put this out into the public domain. Incidentally note some of the people making comments on Iain's blog don't see the problem with accusing Labour of making a "gimmick". I would gently suggest that it says more about them than the Labour Party and that they should sit down quietly somewhere and reflect on what they are saying and how it comes across.


lettersfromatory said...

Honestly, what rubbish. Did any of you Labour muppets actually read what happened?

Cameron said that Auschwitz trips were a gimmick (along with a huge list of other 'initiatives')because the Government left each school with a £200 bill for the trips, when the Conservatives would pay the full cost.

Get your facts straight.

Paul Burgin said...

That doesn't wipe away the offensiveness. Labour are committed to this issue and for the Tories to accuse them of making gimmicks out of the Holocaust is deeply offensive. Instead of asking me to get my facts straight I suggest you think about the moral implications.

Jake Brown said...

There is something important to note here; that rather than keeping points for each party there is a serious need for educational school trips to be supported and encouraged by all.