Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Speilberg Vs China

Making a move like this takes some bravery because from somewhere there will be flak in response.
And after the even more brave comments from Richard Vaughan, one hopes that more people will sit up and take notice of how China is using it's position as a member of the UN Security Council.
There is much to give praise with regards to the Chinese nation, and indeed it has come a long way since it's isolationist years, but because it allows private enterprise, more freedom of movement, and a desire for continued dialogue, does not mean it is a nation above criticism when it does something wrong. No more and no less than any other nation.


lettersfromatory said...

China is guilty of some fairly outrageous things, even over the past few years, but I agree with people who say that China was awarded the Olympics years ago and it's a bit strange to kick up a fuss now.

Paul Burgin said...

Well likewise I was a bit disapointed when hina was awarded the games, but on the other hand the issue that Speilberg dealt with was with regards to how China exercised it's place in the Security Council of the UN, not on it's internal policies.

acheo said...

Felicitation Mr. Speilberg,

La Chine doit comprendre qu'elle doit s'impliquer et commencer a utiliser son poids economique afin que cesse ce genocide au Darfour. J'espere que des gouvernements suiveront votre geste en boycottant ces jeux olympiques. Si la Chine veut devenir un grand de ce monde, elle doit commencer a faire preuve de compassion et d'humanite.

Mathieu Bazinet
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada