Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Driving Lessons Part III

Well admittedly I was a bit nervous this morning before I embarked on my first driving lesson. I got up slightly earlier than usual and felt like one of my favourite fictional heroes in this scene (although I can see better than Harry Palmer, sans glasses, and I am not interested in horse racing)*


So 9am I am all ready and my instructor takes me to a small suburban area of Letchworth where I can drive safely around some streets without causing any harm and mayhem.
Now the good news is that apparently I am good with the steering wheel and keeping to the road and manovering the car (i.e. I don't shoot out of streets and parking areas), although I do have problems coordinating the clutch and and accelerator. That said, for a first timer behind a wheel I seem to have done rather well.
So heres to the next few lessons and some prepping up on the theory.

*Feeble I know, but have been itching for an excuse to put in a scene from this film


phil said...

well done with the driving. A good site to help with driving theory and practical lessons is, www.smartlearners.co.uk phil u2drive, driver training, Herefordshire.

crash course said...

'problems coordinating the clutch and and accelerator'...
Give yourself a break - it was your first lesson!
From the sound of it you're not going to find it too tough at all... and I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Paul Burgin said...

Cheers, much appreciated :)

Louise said...

My first driving instructor didn't let me near the clutch for about three lessons....

Then wondered why I had clutch control problems.