Thursday, May 22, 2008

Driving Lessons Part V

Well it was a bit of a minor shock when my instructor arrived and got out of the driving seat and said "You can drive!". Uusally she drives us to an area in Letchworth and we swap seats then, but it was an experience.
So this time I learnt three point turns and changing into fourth gear, which meant driving to an area where I can go at 50mph. Bit unnerving but managed to keep things under control, although my main problem now is co'ordinating everything in that if I remember to do one thing I forget to do something else and vice versa, but with a bit of paitence and fortitude it will come.

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crash course said...

If your driving instructor trusts you to drive her at 50mph then I suspect your coordination is better than you're letting on!
Well done, it sounds like you're progressing quickly... soon for the theory test.