Thursday, May 01, 2008

Latest Developments in Zimbabwe

The fact that the Zimbabwe government has conceded that Mugabe has not won outright is encouraging. What isn't is the attempts to spark a run-off poll and to accuse (and it would by funny if it wasn't for the menace involved) the MDC of trying to rig the elections.
Last week The Independent stated that the International community should apply more pressure on Zimbabwe, after Church leaders there warned of possible genocide due to Mugabe's actions.
I totally agree and was heartened by the blockade of arms to Zimbabwe by one of South Africa's biggest trade unions. I have also been heartened by the Foreign Secretary's latest comments on the issue.
Now is the time to get tough, esp as now that Mugabe is at his most vulnerable he is at his most dangerous. The African solution to an African problem involves listening to the pleas of the Zimbabwean people who are suffering under Mugabe's regime. If the Zimbabwe government try and cling onto power, then we should make sure that they should be aware of the consequences of their actions. Most Zimbabwean people are devout and talk of prayer as an answer to their troubles. The people pray, they have spoken and the government is in trouble. Perhaps Mugabe, a supposedly devout Catholic although I know many Catholics are ashamed of his behaviour, should stop and pray, really pray, himself and listen to his conscience and ask what the Almighty requires of him!


lettersfromatory said...

What worries me is that a run-off will give Mugabe a chance to exert more pressure on voters and the Electoral Commission - which would be very dangerous for Zimbabwe and democracy.

Paul Burgin said...

Well he will be in trouble if he tries to do that!