Friday, May 02, 2008

The Morning After

Okay so we got a kicking last night. Big time
But there are still the Mayoral results to come through and whilst this means we have a large hill to climb for the general election, we still have time to turn things around. What is more, the Conservatives still cannot be trusted to run the economy if this report is to be believed. Less so in fact than last year.
And if, if, Boris Johnson is Mayor this evening, it will be with the fact that any gaffe, any slip up, any mistake, will reflect badly on the Conservatives and what is more with David Cameron who has tied himself to the Boris campaign. The Conservatives may have won the battle, they have certainly not won the war


Anonymous said...

your post offers no ideas on what needs to be done, face it we are a hollow shell of a party imploding at the seams.More of the same will not do.

Icedink said...

Fair play to you, Paul, for sticking your head above the parapet. Politics is a pendulum.

Linda Jack said...

The mistake your party made Paul, was to abandon its values. You have lost your core activists and now your core support - what happened to the progressive party? Yes you have lost a battle - Gordon has a couple of years to turn things round, but trust is difficult to gain and easy to lose. He has lost so much trust over the 10p rate. Did he think these people didnt vote?!


Paul Burgin said...

well I would be among the first to say the 10p rate was wrong. Hopefully some in the Party will now be shocked enough to help reengage the Party with it's voters