Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Painful Weekend

Obviously politically. Personally it's been good, last nights episode of Doctor Who was good and next weeks looks very promising. I seem to have succeeded well in taking a service at Stotfold Methodist Church this morning (although I relied too much on the microphone and less on projecting my voice), and this afternoon I shall be doing the therapeutic domestic chore of mowing the front lawn.
But politically it has been dreadful. It goes beyond rage and pain, it's that cold stench of defeat and that sense of "Go on lads, get it over and done with, give us another kicking!"
It was bad enough Boris Johnson winning (and I have had several friends, some of whom are not fans of Labour texting or ringing me to voice their disbelief), it's the fact that now the BNP have a seat on the London Assembly, so not only do we have the embarrassment of Tory cock-up's in the run up to the 2012 Olympics, we also have the humiliation of having one of the unacceptable faces of right-wing politics on London's elected assembly. I have to say that the way I feel now if I hear a Londoner complain in the next four years about this I would be tempted to say "Not my fault, but it's yours if you voted that way!"
Still, one cannot fault the Conservatives and their friends for fighting a well-organised campaign and I wish Boris well, for all our sakes, but it is worrying.
That said, all is not lost. If the government ditches the 10p tax rate and brings in some further incentives for low income earners, that might help a great deal. Plus it is two years until the next general election, but we need to move and fast.

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Man in a Shed said...

Whilst I'm sorry you are feeling bad, a few points:

1) The BNP are a left wing party. They don't care for freedom and have corporatist, socialist and fascist political agenda. They win their votes mostly from Labour voters.
2) The current Labour leadership is now destroying the future of the Labour party in the same way they have destroyed the future of many of the UK citizens.
3) The best thing- and most economic thing- for the 2012 Olympics would be to give them back and spend the money on something useful - or just avoid having to pawn out London's hospitals on PFI initiatives so as to have enough money to waste on the unreformed public spending Gordon Brown has been unable and unwilling to control.
3) The easiest and most effective thing for your party to do would be to reintroduce the 10p rate at he next budget. Instead vast amounts of tax payers money will be wasted because Gordon Brown is pathologically unable to really admit error ( only that he hasn't explained or listened enough ).
4) It takes nerve to talk about Tory-cock-ups given the history Labour of the cost escalation of the Olympics since the dishonest( or grossly incompetent take your pick) bidding for them and conning the country and Londoners on what they would actually cost. [ What could all those billions of pounds now to be wasted usefully have been spent on. As a mental exercise pretend a Conservative government had screwed up that badly and imagine your feelings then].

When is the Labour party going to have its road to Damascus experience as see Gordon Brown for what he is ?

Personally I wish Gordon Brown a happy retirement(which is more than most of his pension victims will now be looking forward to) with his young family. [ If I was being selfish I would hope he stayed in place because as I have long argued he is the most spectacular electoral asset the Conservative party could ever hope for. ]

On Dr Who - yes great episode - with some atypical twists.