Sunday, May 18, 2008

Personal Blogging

Nearly a fortnight ago, during the Karaoke evening at St Stephen's, Alex Hilton of Recess Monkey told me what he thought of my blog's progress.
Apparently, two years ago, when I mentioned my brief relationship with Rose, amongst other things, it was going well. But recently I have been less personal.
I can see his point and it is difficult and this is for several reasons. First of all I got some trolls for the first time when I documented my relationship (which was with the view that Rose was okay with it and a fellow blogger), which left me with the view of being more careful. In fact, when I started going out with the delightful S, I already made the decision only to mention the relationship in context and with anonymity. I did mention this to S and that was exactly the situation she preferred. In fact when we went on a break (which obviously became permanent), I decided, partly through my own immediate gut-feeling, and partly through the advice of a prominent blogger, not to mention the situation. It wasn't relevant, most of all it would be unfair to S, and, quite frankly, esp as I only mentioned the relationship in context, none of your business.
Secondly I am sensitive to the privacy of family and friends, the more so as time goes by. Hence why you rarely see me mention my family, if at all, or my friends, and even then it's in context. Basically I asked to be noticed simply by having this blog using my own name, those close to me have not.
Thirdly, and this does tie in with 1 and 2, I know this seems strange, but I am actually rather a shy and private person. It's not immediately obvious, but I find meeting new people a bit unnerving, esp in groups (although it depends on the context), and whilst in some cases I may seem like an open book, I tend to be rather selective about which chapters and paragraphs people can read. It's basically down to a combination of being shy and generally liking people and also keeping my own personal space.
But at the same time I am keenly aware that part of the reason my blog has been successful, as Alex rightly points out, is where I have added the personal touch. So I appreciate that if the success is to continue, I need to be more free and open, so long as it's within the context of 1-3 as I mentioned earlier.
So why mention all this? Well it's because from the feedback I have been getting it is a concern and to let you know I am aware of it, but I also need to be consistently imaginative and hold something of myself back of the reasons I have given.


Praguetory said...

Alex was particularly cruel when you split up with Rose. After his snide reaction them, it's rich of him to tell you to be more personal now. Make sure that whatever you do, it's based on what you think, not anyone else.

What should inform your blogging decisions is what you are trying to achieve. Being part of Alex's circus isn't an attractive option imho.

Best Wishes


Paul Burgin said...

Prague, thankyou for your concerns, but I know my own mind and the pros and cons of having a personalised blog. Hence the post :)

Letters From A Tory said...

My blog is entirely political. I'd never reveal anything personal because the reality is that there are a lot of people in the blogosphere who will take advantage. Personal attacks on you would surely make blogging less fun?

Paul Burgin said...

True, but I think it's more of a question about being selective. Making a judgement call about what you think is okay to be in the public domain or not