Friday, May 16, 2008

Tory Office Donations

This doesn't suggest that members of the Shadow Cabinet are being corrupt, or indeed showing lack of moral scruples, but it does suggest that they really ought to be more careful, as should we all. As for George Osborne, I think he got off lightly. It does say something about a future Chancellor of the Exchequer when he cannot properly question a £487.000 donation.


Letters From A Tory said...

He did question the donation as I understand it, but didn't seek all possible forms of advice on the matter.

Seeing as so many people on all sides of the House keep getting caught out, can't they just simplify the system?

Paul Burgin said...

I agree, esp given the figure sum involved, hence why I question his political judgement.

Stephen said...

I'm not sure that you can be too happy with the political judgement of the current lot either. Most of them seem to have rather more than a nodding acquaintance with undeclared donations, corrupt loans, and God knows what else. They've been in power too long, and it's just like the Major years; he wouldn't have sacked Peter Hain either. It wasn't only Hain who came out of that with a damaged reputation (and he's got none left whatever now) but Gordon looked distinctly reluctant to address the issue of blatant sleaze even when it's sitting round the Cabinet table with him.

We need a Government that is considerably to the left of our present one. We're unlikely to see a Labour victory at the next election (barring a miracle and a change of leader)so let's take the opportunity to re-group and identify those within the party who can bring us back to power, with considerably less grovelling to Mammon and a great deal more transparency than we're getting at present. Let Dave's lot get on with it, we should be worrying far more about the astonishing lack of political judgement this Government shows.