Monday, May 26, 2008

What Should Gordon Do Next?

Well it looks like Gordon isn't going anywhere yet. I can understand the panic in some circles following the Nanwich and Crewe by-election, but if we lose our nerve now and ditch the PM, then there will be a bloodbath that could cost Labour dear, not just at the next general election, but for a while to come. We have already seen it happen in the Conservative Party.
But moves have to be made and quickly. One of them being to try and make sure we keep a solid united front, which means that Gordon will have to make a decision that, not only himself, but others will find unpalatable.
Basically it will mean having to put one of the usual suspects back into the tent. Preferably Alan Milburn, as he is one of the main antagonists and didn't leave office under a cloud. Perhaps he can be offered, not necessarily a cabinet post, but one involving Labour's campaign team with the added incentive of reporting on a regular basis to cabinet. It's a queasy thought for some, including myself, but sometimes, to use a crude LBJ phrase, it is better to have people p****** out of the tent than p****** in.


Tom Paine said...

To answer the question in the title in your new "coy swearblogger" style, he should be ****ing off.

Letters From A Tory said...

Why would there be a bloodbath? Surely a well-run leadership contest with a clear winner would help bring stability to the party?