Monday, June 23, 2008

Petition to call for efforts to remove Robert Mugabe

Not much, but at least it's something. If you want to have your name put down, then let me know via the comments page and I will be happy to oblige.

We have been viewing the events in Zimbabwe over the past few weeks with horror, disgust, outrage, and anger that Zanu PF feels that it can flaunt the wishes of it's people in a democratic election and to try and threaten and cajole them into voting for Robert Mugabe, and that given the fact that diplomats were harassed, the MDC were prevented from moving freely around the country, aid to help those starving were used as blackmail by Zanu PF, intimidation was used (sometimes resulting in murder), we accept that for the sake of people's safety the MDC felt that they had no alternative but to stand aside, but that equally by ensuring that free and fair elections could not take place, Robert Mugabe removed any last trace of legitimacy left with regards to Zanu PF being in government.
We therefore feel that the International Community has no obligation to regard Mugabe's regime as legitimate, and urge the EU, the SADC, and the UN that efforts must be made to help Zanu PF's removal from power, that it must be impressed on the South Africans to turn off Zimbabwe's electricity supply and any other means short of violence to be used, that no prominent Zanu PF or government member should be allowed to travel outside Zimbabwe, unless it is into exile.

Paul Burgin
Jessica Olivera
Kishani Noori


Jessica Olivera said...

I agree. Unless the outside world intervenes to get Mugabe out of power, Zimbabwe will be domed to 23 more years of violence. At the same time, some people are afraid that because Tsvangirai is getting support from Britain, that Britain just wants to take over. I don't understand how living in a country of poverty, sickness and unemployment isn't enough to make all Zimbabweans want to support change. How can they think that violence is better? Check out this comic link about Mugabe.

Anonymous said...

Please out my name down on your petition. This is really getting out of hand, what Mugabe has and continues to do. It is time for a new leadership. There's nothing left for Mugabe to pillage from that nation anymore. my heart goes out to those people - men, women and children, who are starving to death out there. God bless them.
Kishani Noori, Cincinnati USA
(native of Botswana)

Serge said...