Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Stolen Earth - No Spoilers, but..

The best, one of the best episodes of Doctor Who. The Daleks were more unnerving than ever, it was cool to see Davros and some of the former companions return, plus seeing the spin-off crossovers and as for the end..
All I will say is that I hope that what happened in that cliffhanger scene doesn't reach it's logical conclusion.
And, gosh, you know it's a goodie when you start texting friends, they start texting you, you get a phone call from one of them, purely to discuss the episode, you go on Facebook and many of your friends refer to it in their online status.
Guys if you haven't watched it, you must and you can find it here, so there's really little or no excuse ;)
Oh, and (hat tip to WongaBlog )here is the video used in the Doctor Who story Human Nature/The Family of Blood. Worth watching if only to see David Tennant ad lib for the fast forward bits



Geoff Taylor said...

Holy steenkin' cow, this is what I get for avoiding spoiler sites absolutely. I want to avoid any possible spoilers but GOOD GRIEF I wasn't ready for what indeed does look to be the logical next step. I just wish I could find info on season 5... is it to be next year or will we be waiting until 2010? Too many old rumors floating around...

Paul Burgin said...

From what I know, and from what I have read offically, there will be four specials next year and Season Five will be in 2010

yukonflower said...

I have been hunting high and low for spoilers all week and have been able to find bupkis!

It's bad enough that Canadian TV isn't going to broadcast Season 4 until January and I've been watching it in teany-tiny little windows online but this has been the longest week ever waiting for tomorrow night's episode.

They've kept this secret better than Ministry of Defense Strategies.