Thursday, June 05, 2008

Supports and Breakthroughs

So Hillary is about to concede. At long last. Now we can get on the business of battling an election on one front and yes, a moment of pride that the US has for the first time, a black candidate from one of the two major parties in a direct race for the White House. A campaign I am proud to be involved with.
As for our beleagued Prime Minister, I was strangely heartened by the common sense comments made by Tony Blair this morning on GMTV. The problems with our economy are global and we need to remember that some of the great economic successes in the past decade are down to Labour. After all, was it the Conservatives who brought in the National Minimum Wage and New Deal, and isn't it also the case that they opposed those moves at the time!


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much money has been wasted on Clinton's electioneering which has now come to nothing.

Regarding Labour's contribution to economic success I think its fair to say that both parties have contributed over the years.

Stephen said...

I'm afraid politicians always blame the global economy when things are going badly. They're happy enough to claim the credit when things go well though.

A lot of this country's economic woes are the direct result of our Government's financial mismanagement, not least permitting reckless levels of credit as the basis for our economic boom over recent years.

Anonymous said...

Hold on a second! One second you tell us that the current situation is the fault of the global economy, but in the same paragraph your telling us that the good times were down to the govt. and not the global economy. Nice try but I don't think anyone will buy it.

Paul Burgin said...

So the National Minimum Wage and other similar initiatives were down to the Global economy then!