Sunday, July 06, 2008

Coming Home

Check out this article I have written on Labourhome about the recent Conservative financial scandals

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Man in a Shed said...


I think its quite clear which party has had its hand in the till the most recently - the one running the store of course !

( £2.7billion on a by-election, the 'Union modernisation fund', the fantastic long list of Labour minster's expenses, the over £1Trillion pounds wasted on ineffective government actions ... the list goes on and on, the deciet over the war in Iraq, also see the various files with the CPS at the moment and the loans for peerages scandal ).

There is of course a difference between individuals and parties. ( Not that your party was honourable enough to make the point in opposition ).

But there is a greater problem coming. Politics is being taken over by marketing men and cowardly career politicians ( you know who I mean - remember you didn't vote for him, just like everyone else in the UK outside Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath, but he's still PM ). At the same time power has been transfered to Brussels ( see the same coward who betrayed his electoral promise to have a referendum before selling the country out ).

In effect UK politicians have less power and far less respect.

That is a very dangerous state of affairs. One that the Labour party has the major responsibility in having brought about, and is perhaps most threatened by (by the remaining alternative left wing party the BNP ).

Playing the who's expense account is more controversial game is the equivalent of twiddling your thumbs whilst Rome burns.

How about putting you own house in order, rather than trying to console yourselves with throwing mud in the other direction ?