Thursday, July 10, 2008

Driving Lessons Part XI

Well I am slowly improving on the clutch and I am generally making more smooth movements with the car. That said, I am picking up other bad habits, such as not keeping level on my side of the road. Difficult when other cars are parked in areas not meant for a row of parked cars.
But hey ho. Did reverse round a corner on an uphill road yesterday. Bit unnerving, but managed fairly successfully on the second attempt


crash course said...

You sound slightly down on yourself... I don't think you should be:
your clutch control is improving all the time.
you reversed around a corner up a hill which takes about as much coordination as any other manoeuvre one can make in a car - on only your second go!
You're doing fine!

Anonymous said...

Did you know Christopher Glamorganshire? What's the gossip?