Monday, July 21, 2008

The Lambeth Conference

Its an advantage for a church community as large as the Anglican Church, that most of their Bishops are able to meet up and, not just decide resolutions, but also that they get to share pastoral experiences, theological beliefs, and are able to learn new ways of outreach to the communities beyond.
It is sad then, that this Lambeth Conference is overshadowed by the issue over homosexuality in the Church. It is equally sad that some Bishops, whilst following their conscience, have decided to boycott the event.
My view is that the Bishops, whilst I see their point, would have gained more by attending. If they are wrong, then they would have learnt much by having discussions with other Bishops who hold more liberal views on this matter. If they are right, then they gained nothing for their cause by staying away instead of trying to fight their corner within the Anglican Community.
All in all it is a sorry state of affairs, and one hopes that both sides do not let anger overcome any distress and pain they feel over the potential schisms here. I appreciate that some would rather the Anglicans would be the "Church Militant" rather than the "Church Fudge n' Compromise" (a view I happen to share), but let us not be militant at the expense of Christian love and charity and loving one's neighbour, no matter how annoying and distressing one finds them. After all, if being a Christian was easy as well as true, then we would all be perfect saints

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Anonymous said...

Yes it is indeed sad that these said bishops felt it necessary to boycott the Lambeth Conference for the very reasons you gave. However, perhaps they felt that was the only way of making their views felt and noticed (it has certainly achieved that).

Christians clearly love one another and indeed those outside the church - both of these are commandments from God - but the first commandment is to love God and that sometimes means disagreeing with others, even those calling themselves Christians.

I don't advocate the papal system but there is something to be said for decisions being made by one person, rather than by committee, assuming of course that person is speaking God's truth.