Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mayorals 2012

I hope Ken Livingstone doesn't stand. He was Mayor for two terms before he was defeated and a major London figure before then. Not only that but given the last election campaign, we need a new face and someone who can wrong-foot the Tories and pick up on all their mistakes.
It would also be ideal for someone who is savvy and yet has no major political experience. Someone popular with the electorate, someone tough and yet respected. I am not sure yet whether he ought to stand, but I am attracted to the idea of London's next Mayor being Sir Alan Sugar.
And isn't this bit of news interesting!


Neil Harding said...

Ken is more popular than the Labour party by around 15% or 1/4 million votes in London and you want to get rid of him. Gordon by comparison is about 10% more unpopular and you want to keep him. Nice logic!

If Labour had been just 27% nationally in the opinion polls instead of the awful 24% that Brown has took us to in just 10 months, then Ken might just have hung on.

Alan Sugar has no experience of managing slippery political situations and putting up a celebrity against celebrity would be just a sad indictment of London politics in 2012. Alan is also quite right-wing. He would only be marginally better than Boris.

In 4 years Londoners will be clamouring for a real Labour hero like Ken to come back. Hopefully he will want to run.

Anonymous said...

Well 'Sir Alan' would probably run things a lot more efficiently!

Skuds said...

You must be kidding!

Sugar appears to have no tact or diplomacy, with success based purely on the ability to persuade people to buy things that are not very good.

And that's before we get on to his attitudes about not employing women in case they want to have children.

Paul Burgin said...

I get your point Neil, but likewise Ken polarises opinion and he was knocked so badly last time as well the fact that we may well need a fresh and dynamic approach in persuading people to vote Labour.
Skuds I never said I wanted Sugar, I simply stated that I was attracted to the idea of him running for Mayor. I agree with some of the faults you have listed and I do have reservations, but likewise he is popular, will be good at attacking the Conservatives, and will bulldoze policy through and will be, not liked, but respected in some quarters.
I just want a very strong candidate for Mayor in 2012, who the Tories will not be able to grind down and who has a strong personality to pull London onwards and upwards

Anonymous said...

Being more popular than labour party isn't difficult!

I think Sir Alan is more than a celebrity - he's managed to build a business worth £800 million!

Anonymous said...

If Sir Alan has an attitude of not employing women why did he take one on as his apprentice?!

He might not be subtle or beleive in spin but he knows how to run a business which effectively is what the country is! he may have once been a salesman but he is now an excellent manager.