Friday, July 25, 2008

That SNP by-election gain

Not good, and the frustrating thing is that we have put forward so many good policies in the past few years that makes this all the more painful. There is also the fear that this is another signal concerning how long Labour has in government.
But the real tragedy is allowing a Conservative government in and undoing some of the good work we have done, and we will need to have time to reflect on this and work and plan accordingly within the next few months in order to make sure that those policies that directly benefit the UK are heard and that David Cameron only ever visits No 10 as a visitor.


Man in a Shed said...

Labour are clearly exhausted. The only ideas that catch the headlines are ones stolen from Conservative party policy proposals. ( This is part of Brown's tactical and opportunist view of politics ).

This country yearns for a Conservative government to fix the slow motion car wreck that Gordon Brown has set up and which we are watching crunch before our eyes.

Remember £1 trillion pounds of peoples money (raised by tax) wasted on failed projects, vanity and inefficiency over the last 10 years. That is truly immoral.

Also Labour are the most anti-Christian government ever to hold office in the UK.

This is only allowed to continue because Labour activists like yourself are unable or unwilling to recognise failure when it stairs you in the face and would rather comfort yourselves with rhetoric about stopping the Tories than put the country first.

Neil Harding said...

Paul, face facts. It is not just the economy - I mean we haven't even entered a recession yet, the problem is Brown. The 10p tax debacle and dithering over an early election are proof enough of his poor decision making.

20 points behind to a bunch of hard right Tories too frightened to talk about their policies and you still think Brown is the man to lead us.

By common consent we all know the man is a useless communicator - we cannot paper over this - coupled with decisiveness this is an essential part of the job - if the PM sends even the party membership to sleep, what chance has he got with the wider public. Time to switch to Alan Johnson as a stop-gap before we fall to 30 points behind or more. On this result we would only have 25 MPs left, even Brown would lose his safe seat.

I don't know what nail screws Brown is using to keep in power - but it would please a Kremlin leader. Either that or the party hierarchy has been so infected with Tory cuckoos in the nest that they are deliberately keeping him there to ensure a massive Tory majority.

Dirty Euro said...

Here is my plan. Keep the present leader until after the euro and local elections. So he can take the worst of the economic downturn and the certain defeat any leader would face in the euro elections. Then have a 4 month leadership election.
after the defeat with beauty paegent of labour conference. This would allow a new leader to be elcted 6 months before the next election where a hopefully the honemoon would lead to victory.

Anonymous said...

Well I for one would be interested to know what this good is that the Labour government are supposed to have done. Whatever good policies they may or may not have come up with they clearly havn't been implemented successfully!

I'd really like to know how much tax payers money could be saved by scrapping committees, expenses and pointless schemes.