Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Democrat Convention of 2008

Well it has definetly been a memorable week in American politics, and a memorable convention for the Democrats, win or lose in Nov.
We have had the Clintons giving 110% support to Barack Obama, and reminding delegates who might overwise go to the Republicans in a strop that it is important to support Senator Obama and to see a Democrat in the White House in January, and therefore to put politics before pride and anger.
We have seen Senator Edward Kennedy give one of the best speeches of his life, and sadly it could be his last major speech. It goes to show that after all that has happened involving him over the years, in the last decade he has grown and matured and achived perhaps something of the stature of his late brothers.
We have also seen a fantasic speech by Michelle Obama. Gutsy, yet thoughtful, and straight from the heart. Not only sharing her aspirations but also reminding us of the importance of dignity. A pivotal theme for this election year if the US is to avoid the sullied reputation it has in their political world for negative campaigning.
And finally, a speech from the man himself. The film and a transcript of which can be found here.It's no surprise that right-wingers on both sides of the Atlantic are disparaging about him, or feel that he lacks substance. But this is he man who not only points out where Republican spending plans fail to work out, but also has pledged to be more tough on Al Qaeda, who set a personal example in his view on dealing with the Sudan, who has given specific figures in tax cuts for the vulnerable in society, and who has mentioned his financial plans regarding the environment. And those on the right say he has no proper substance? As if the last seven-and-a-half years have been a total paradise for the US in comparison at home and abroad!
That said, I am very pleased to see that John McCain has picked a woman for his running mate. It goes to show that, come what may, next year will see one radical change to US politics, but it also goes to highlight that, whether man or woman, black or white, at the end of the day it's policies that matter and polices that will deliver.


A Very Public Sociologist said...

McCain may have picked a woman, but I don't think you could find a Republican VP candidate more likely to turn off disgruntled Clinton supporters. How many of the 18 million who supported her in the primaries are going to switch their allegiances on the strength of a stridently anti-abortion big oil-supporting creationist?

Paul Burgin said...

I agree, but I think part of the reason she was picked was to try and get the support of some of those who backed Hillary. A very cynical move

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

As opposed to getting some executive experience on the ticket, something the Democrat Beltway Twosome don't have, along with change that has actually delivered, a proven record of taking on one's own party establishment and getting about as far outside the Beltway as possible?