Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Dirt Lows of Negative Campaigning

I was shocked and rather surprised to read about this (Hat tip to Kerron and Iain)
I have heard of individuals in all main political parties stooping to low tactics that can easily become a police matter, even one or two that never really made it into the public eye, but the sheer viciousness of this is something I haven't quite seen before, the guy needs help.
Iain is right, this is something that affects all of us in politics and I have learnt not to crow and make assumptions about anything, and as tempting as it is to sneer and laugh at the Watford Conservatives in their lack of judgement in selecting him, it is a mistake many party associations could make the moment their eye is off the ball.
Hopefully this will help shock activists from all parties out of their delight in demonising their opposition, but we shall see

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Paul W.E. Ingham said...

A check of the comments on Kerron Cross's blog entry for November 2006 when Oakley was selected for Watford suggest that if "A Source Formally Close to the PM" had his way, Ian Oakley would have been Labour's problem rather than the Tories: