Sunday, August 03, 2008

Keeping Our Head

Check out this piece I wrote on Labourhome, where I pointed out that it would be madness to ditch the PM and that we can continue and possibly win the next election.

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Anonymous said...

"The Conservatives did not thank Michael Heseltine in 1990"

Indeed, although his actions almost certainly ensured a fourth Conservative election win in 1992.Had the Tories continued with Thatcher they would have lost, the public had grown sick of her and she was too intransigent to understand that.

The problem for Brown is he is seen very much as an 'old' face who can't convince the public he has anything new to offer on any of the major issues affecting the country.While Cameron is paper thin, at least the public view him as fresh. While I'm not sure ditching Brown is the answer, change must come, if Brown is unwilling or incapable of making that change it must be someone else.