Friday, September 12, 2008

Anonymous Briefing

I don't agree with the anonymous letter writer Kerron has mentioned, but I think that he or she should perhaps be a bit more honest, esp as I am sure that such a missive is relatively easy to trace ;)
That said, perhaps Gordon's detractors in the Labour Party and the left-wingers and Social Democrats in the Media should consider that the time to stick by those leaders you inially supported and whose ideas you espouse, is not when things are going well, but when there are storms and difficulties. No one seriously thinks the PM is happy with the state of the economy, which is a global problem, or that he is doing everything to try and deal with the situation, so perhaps instead of simply issuing ultimatums, those with loudhailers should do what they can to help in the meantime.


Man in a Shed said...

Paul - for the good of the country Brown must go.

Surely you see that and have a duty to be honest about it.

blowing bubbles - everyday social democracy said...

Unlike some of the "yes men" in Westminster village who needed patronage to climb the greasy pole, many of us have never been Blairite, Brownite or Whateverite. It's always been about how to narrow our inequalities and greater democracy in empowering people to shape their lives together. That was the litmus then, that was the litmust now.