Friday, September 05, 2008

Charles Clarke Should Pipe Down

There are three predictable laws in Labour Party politics. Elections, Campaigns, and Charles Clarke sniping about Gordon Brown.
Of which, although I disagree with what he says, he is more than entitled to do, but for the fact that he hardly represents a viable alternative given the circumstances of his departure as Home Secretary, that he has hardly been constructive or totally honest about the whole leadership issue, or indeed that he and others have not been gunning for Gordon from the beginning.
Right now we are going through a bad patch economically. Not as bad as Alistair Darling has stated (and how irresponsible is it for a Chancellor to talk like that, whatever the circumstances), but one which is global and where, given the inevitable backlash against the government, we need to give the PM all the support he can get as he tries to help steer us out of the current economic malaise. Comments about leadership challenges therefore are not just unhelpful towards the PM, or indeed the govt, but also to the country.

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Paul Linford said...

Problem's easy to shoot the messenger when he's a fat, jug-eared, embittered old Blarite has-been with a habit of sounding-off in public after one bottle too many over lunch. But leaving the personalities aside, Clarke's analsysis can't seriously be faulted. The party is heading for electoral disaster, and unless Gordon can start to turn things round in the next few months or so, he will have to make way for someone who might stand a better chance of doing so. There is nothing to be gained from allowing Gordon to lead the party into the next election out of some sense misplaced sense of loyalty or obligation if it is clear that the public has made up its mind about him. I have no time for Charles Clarke personally, and I think his behaviour towards Gordon has been little short of disraceful at times. But he is right.