Thursday, September 04, 2008

Driving Lessons Part XVI

Going well, although I think I need to change my footwear when driving. My shoes are not so tight due to mild age and it's meant that on a couple of occasions I have had less control over the clutch.
That said, apart from my "mad moments" as my instructor calls them, when I get nervous, I am improving with each lesson and things are becoming more habitual along with improvement in confidence. Next week it's going to be Dual Carriageways, which should be interesting.

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Driving Instructor UK Driving School said...

Just keep at it, and get yourself as comfortable as possible, so if you need different footwear for your driving lessons, then by all means do change.

There is nothing to fear about dual carriageways, at first just stay in the left lane, and get used to the fast traffic, the other things will come with time.