Monday, September 15, 2008

Dyspraxia Awareness Week

Am glad this is coming up, although having dyspraxia isn't just to do with being clumsy, it can also affect your attention span and your spacial and social awareness. Thankfully my case is mild, but thats not so for a no of people and I can tell you that it's a mare if you are not diagnosed, because you are aware that something is wrong and you try and hide it out of fear of being labelled stupid or clumsy!
That said, I am not totally averse to ball games, although I much prefered batting when I've played cricket and I have not been accurate in passing the ball when playing football etc.. ;)

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Action Medical Research said...

Action Medical Research, a national charity, has been supporting two projects to identify ways to help early years' children and teenagers with Developmental Coordination Disorder (also known as DCD or Dyspraxia). You can find out more by visiting our website.

Approximately five per cent (that's about one child in every classroom) are affected by DCD. The first project team have developed a set of practical guidelines for use by teachers, childcare professionals and parents that will help pre-school children with coordination difficulties to improve their dexterity.

The second project team wanted to address the common problem of slow and illegible handwriting which affects teenagers at school, especially at exam time. They have developed two new tests that measure general movement ability and speed of handwriting. These tests could lead to extra help such as the use of a computer for written work or additional time for exams.

I hope this is helpful to readers. Nancy Platts, PR Manager, Action Medical Research