Monday, September 15, 2008

Gordon In Trouble

For anyone who has been a supporter, or fan of Gordon Brown for a no of years, the news this weekend has been rather depressing. It seems that no sooner are we getting back on track than someone, be it Siobhain McDonagh, or Fiona Mactaggart pours oil over troubled waters.
I for one am saddened by all of this and feel that, as I have said before, we not only give Gordon time, but also the loyalty and support he needs, perhaps things will slowly improve. Especially given the recent US Federal takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
But time is not something that is welcome when people are struggling to keep things together and more must be done to help, but that will also need to involve a change of attitude towards how people respond to finances. Accepting living on credit and accepting a culture of borrowing, and debt being seen as nothing to be too concerned about is not acceptable.
This requires confidence though and that is not helped by Party in-fighting. I just don't want to see a situation where there is a bloody coup, only for the plotters to find that they have further eroded public trust and I for one remember well the aftermath of the Thatcher downfall, and somehow, empathising more than I am already with those who stuck with Margaret Thatcher to the very end is something I am reluctant to do.

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Stephen said...

Your comments about finances are spot on. Unfortunately, Gordon's years as Chancellor were built on a refusal to accept such realities, and now his Government are paying the price.

Gordon is surely long since dead in the water, and the sooner he is put out of his misery the better.