Kilroy: MEP or Celebrity?

I was thinking about this recently in conjunction with George Galloway's appearance on Celebrity Big Brother a couple of years ago. I see I was not alone.
Any ideas if Kilroy plans to stand down at the next election?


Jim Jepps said…
I'm fairly sure that when he lost his deposit at some Parliamentary by-election he made a statement along the lines of "there's no space in politics for a tiny ego driven loon, sob, I give up."

Hopefully he's sticking to that.

NB I decided to look it up - from 2005

"It was clear from the general election result - and more recently that of the Cheadle by-election - that the electors are content with the old parties and that it would be virtually impossible for a new party to make a significant impact given the nature of our electoral system. We tried and failed."

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