Friday, December 05, 2008

Doctor Who: The Next Doctor

A no of names have been mentioned; Patterson Joseph, David Morrissey, Colin Salmon, and Robert Carlyle.
No I would prefer Colin Salmon out of those four (although they would all be very good), but I think given the Christmas Special this year that it will be David Morrissey.
Will be interesting to watch the next four episodes in any case

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IAmATVJunkie said...

Morrissey? I just don't find enough whimsy in Morrissey for the role.

Of those marked for this, I would choose my fave Numberwang contestant, Peep Show's Alan Johnson, Paterson Joseph.

Though I've been thinking, if they wanted to go with an older, wiser Doctor that the perfect guy is Fringe's John Noble (an Aussie) but he's busy right now on that show.