Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama To Pull Troops Out Of Iraq

It looks like an act which has been a stain on the reputation on a no of western nations is starting to come to an end. President Obama has definetly made a bold and decisive move, but he has been totally right to keep the focus on Afghanistan and to praise those soldiers who have fought and (in some cases) died in Iraq. Many of those soldiers, whatever the rights and wrongs of the cause, died whilst saving lives and preventing acts of terrorism taking place, and that should not be forgotten.

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aaarentiright24 said...

I think you are right about it is a bold and decisive move for Obama to take troops out of Iraq, but I respectfully disagree with your assumption that he will have the amount of people deported withdrawn from Iraq by August 2010. I think President Obama is trying to paint a beautiful picture without any paint. In Obama’s pullout plan he mentions that he plans to withdrawn about 100,000 troops by the projected August 2010 date, leaving 50,000 in Iraq. The left 50,000 troops will be there for keeping Iraq secure. It is also stated that there is a significant amount of equipment estimated at: 60,000 aircraft and vehicles, 120,000 trailer-sized containers, and 150,000 private contractors from nearly 50 bases and installations. The idea that all of the troops will be gone by the date claimed suggests Iraq is secure country and can start building their economy without a huge amount of U.S. Military troops still in Iraq. President Obama’s decision might be a bold and decisive move, but it will lead to an increase in fighting in Iraq. It is stated nearly impossible to leave Iraq completely, and even suggested by generals. The Iraq war is a situation in which we must either completely leave, or stay forever. President Obama’s military plans to withdraw are thought provoking and unpatriotic. If Obama wanted to win the war in Iraq and Afghanistan he would draw more troops into both scenarios to get the job done faster, and more efficiently. Wars are won by brute force and the U.S. does not have any in this war as we only have 150,000 troops in Iraq. To point out the absolute most pitiful force the United States has ever put together. For example: in the Korean War there were 1.7 million troops, and in WWII there were 13 million. The Iraq war has a low amount of troops and it is obvious why nothing is being accomplished. Your accusation leaves me in disgust and I hope you are really not as much of a dumbass as your blog insinuates.

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