Monday, February 23, 2009

Twenty Questions to a Fellow Blogger Part XLVIII: Julian Mann

Julian Mann was born in 1964 and is married to Lisa. They have four sons. Before ordination, he was a reporter for Retail Week, a newspaper for the directors and senior managers of retail chains. Julian trained for the ministry at Oak Hill Theological College in London. After serving his curacy in Chester, he became vicar of the Parish Church of the Ascension in 2000. He contributes to BBC Radio Sheffield discussion programmes. He is press officer for Reform Sheffield, and a member of the steering group of Anglican Mainstream Sheffield. His interests include the music of Bob Dylan and cricket. His blog is Cranmer's Curate.

What made you decide to start blogging?

When I started guest-posting on Cranmer, he suggested I set one up, hence Cranmer's Curate.

What is your best blogging experience?

When my sermon at our Carols by Candlelight service just before Christmas was published on Cranmer.

And your worst?

Thinking Anglicans - the liberal site. I got accused of wanting to deprive a retired liberal clergyman of his pension

What do you regard as your best blog entry?

Persecution the New Testament norm for Christians

Favourite blogs?

Cranmer, Anglican Mainstream, John Ward in Medway

You have recently called for a new political party based in Judeo-Christian values. You are not the first to call for this and it has been attempted before! Why do you think this could work now and wouldn't it be better to work within the political mainstream and try and be salt from there?

I'm glad it's not an original idea - such a party would hopefully have a broader base than disaffected Conservatives. With a Parliamentary foothold it would be salt in the political mainstream. God willing, it would put the fear of God into the main parties.

The Thirty-Nine Articles are rarely discussed these days. What is so valuable about them?

They contain sound biblical Evangelical doctrine. That's why they're valuable.

You describe yourself as an Evangelical and we often hear about where Evangelicals go wrong! What are the strengths and valuable vulnerabilities of Evangelicalism?

Evangelicals are strong on proclaiming the Gospel of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. We can be weak on cultural engagement.

Is there anywhere abroad which you haven't been to, that you would like to visit?

Not particularly - I'm a home bird.

Is there anywhere abroad you have visited, that you would love to revisit?

Not really.

Do you have a favourite political figure in history?

William Wilberforce

Which Christian figure has been your greatest inspiration?

The Apostle Paul.

Favourite Bond movie?

One of the Roger Moore's

Favourite Doctor Who?

Can't remember - last watched one back in the '70s

Chocolate, vanilla, or mint?


Which Band, past or present, would you most like to see in concert?

Killers - but would prefer that they found themselves a more positive name.

In terms of visiting for the weekend, Oxford, Cambridge, or Barsby, Leics..?

Leicester - good curries.

Favourite national newspaper?

Daily Mail

What would you say your hobbies were?

Taxi driver for my sons

And what would you say were your three favourite songs and three favourite books (Bar the Bible and The Complete Works of Shakespeare)?

Read my mind by the Killers, If not for you by Bob Dylan, Suspicious Minds by Elvis

Robert Harris' Ghost, Le Carre's The Spy who came in from the cold, William Hague's William Wilberforce

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