Sunday, March 29, 2009

More On Jacqui Smith, The Husband, And Those Films!

From Iain Dale's blog:

The thing is. While entertaining Rosie Palm and her five daughters, Richard Timney hasn't, in theory, done anything wrong. The rules allow MPs not just to claim for mortgage interest on a second home, but also to furnish it and pay for "services". These include Cable TV and Sky. Perhaps individual PPV films don't qualify, but in the rules there is nothing to stop film and sport packages being claimed for, as well as news channels.

I believe an honest mistake has been made for the simple reason that you would not believe how inept people can be in dealing with such things, but even so, nothing illegal has been done. Hence a flash in the pan.
That said, it is a small reminder, as with the McNulty case, that some of the rules need changing and new guidelines introduced. That way it's not just a moral issue or a potential moral issue!


toronto real estate said...

I personally disagree with the whole expenses system for politicians, which can be found in most most countries. Either pay the politicians normal salary and then let them claim expenses connected to their work, of pay them a bit more and cancel the expenses system. But of course in our case they are paid huge salaries (compared to normal individuals) AND they are allowed to claim all sorts of expenses. Something isn't right here..

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Tom Paine said...

Mr Dale's judgement that no crime has been committed is one I would like to see tested by a jury. That her husband submitted the claim is no excuse. She is his employer and he did it on her behalf. For 40,000 smackers a year, she should get better service than that. If she wants to distance herself, she had better begin by firing him. And then resign.