Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Thatcher Infirmary

Just out of curiosity, why the Thatcher Infirmary? Don't get me wrong, if it was some outpost in the Falklands I would understand, or a library or a school in Gratham! But I honestly don't understand why a hospital wants to name a new wing after Margaret Thatcher, unless there were some over enthusiastic Conservative Party members and/or voters involved in the chief decision making!
Answers on a postcard please


Fignatz said...

Maybe it's gonna include an operating theatre for cutting away any weak bits.

Anonymous said...

Lady T has worshipped there for years and when she found out they were building an infirmary for veterans of past and present conflicts, asked that on her 80th birthday anyone wishing to give hr a gift should donate to this hospital.

Therefore in view of her support and her connections to Chelsea Pensioners and the Chapel (her late husband is buried there in the grounds also), it was named after her.

Fair enough too

Paul Burgin said...

I didn't know that, I apologise