The Apprentice, Ep 3 2009. Live Blog Entry

21:57: Its Paula. Would have sacked Ben myself. If he had a problem with costings he should have made that clear from the start and why. He did his best to frontstab his colleagues in the boardroom and can't seem to fully take subtle and not so subtle warnings from Sir Alan.
Plus boasting about being at Sandhurst in front of a barrow boy like Sire Alan is not clever and shows mild immature snobbery. Imagine its more of the same for the next few weeks

21:52: By opening his mouth in anger and blaming Paula for putting himself in charge of costings, he unwittingly puts himself in the firing line. Doesn't make you look good Ben

21:47: Clearly it will be Ben or Paula. Ben shifting blame over costings

21:41: Ignite narrowly scrape home, so initial suspicions correct. Empire could have done it, but for costing mistakes and confusing ingredients. Time and again it shows on this show that the first decisions can mean success or failure in themselves

21:36: Empire sell out at Porterbello at 4PM. Thier opposition going for broke and selling 2 for a pund at Camden. They finish at 6PM. Margaret had her enigmatic look. Am now almost convinced Empire have won.

21:31: Spoke too soon. Golden rule, never rely on first observations. Too many people rushing past in Bond Street and lack of team co'ordination. Empire are doing well in Porterbello Rd, although am not sure what to make of their Team Leader

21:27: Empire, the costing faux-pas team, are picking up, but their opposition is hawking their Honey Soap in Bond Street. It will be narrow, but at this stage am unsure if Empire can do it!

21:23 If you assign someone to do costing. Surely basic common sense would tell you to check they can do it first! Why oh why do these novices with apparently good CV's make some stupid decisions?

21:21: Philip's little temper tantrum. There are ways and means of making a point about important and fundamental issues like Bar Codes without shouting. Esp if you are not the one in charge!

21:17: This week its body soaps etc.. Love Kimberley's idea of calling their honey flavoured soap 'Honey I'm Home'

21:14: Nearly 15 mins late. Never mind!


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