Thursday, April 30, 2009

Damian McBride And His Commons Pass!

I have read from various blogs that this week Damian McBride was seen chatting with various lobby journalists in the Lobby this week! More info here
He may have got in on a visitors pass of course, in which case who invited him? Either way it stinks and considering there is the distinct possibility that he still has his Commons pass, then I think letters and emails asking for clarification should be sent to the appropriate authorities!


Kerron said...

If we has invited in as a visitor and was seen talking to lobby journalists, then the most likely person to have invited him in would be a lobby journalist (which would be legitimate).

However reports suggest he is still on his old pass.

Paul Burgin said...

Well I am not taking it for granted that he still has his Commons Pass, but it ought to be looked into!

Aye We Can ! said...

Keep digging. I am near certain - you will find it is some Brown acolyte who has signed him in.

In which case Gordy apology will seem a bit phoney. Too phoney for Tony even

As an ex labour part member I have loasthed Brown for 20 years, long before my more general dissolusionment set it. Because I got to know the beast - a self serving,calculating ,uninspiring grade1 careerist

And now surely finished

I post from Scotland where of course we have a positive left of centre choice in the SNP, reinforced by PR which gives other options like the Greens, Libs and socialist a reasonable degree of credibilty. But folks in England only have one other real option - the Tories

Brown kind of helps my cause - boost the SNP and other parties I am sympathetic to.

In this context I cant fully understand the docilty of decent labour members in England - you are facing the imminent prospect on a decade or more of Tory rule, possible oblivion for the party you love - still the only real hope for working class folks, But you let brown - now a dud , an electoral liability lead you, speak for you

And going way back, remember Michael Foot. Too, an "electoral liablity" but a decent guy who stood for something worth fighting , even losing for. I never felt embarassed about Michael Foot - even when he lost and lost badly I was proud to call him my leader. What does Brown, your leader, stand for other than himself and the corrupt cabal he has assembled around him. And still McBride it appears.