Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jamie in In The Loop

I have to say before I go any further that I have yet to see In The Loop, although I was a fan of The Thick Of It.
But what has bothered me is the way everyone seems to find the character of Jamie funny, almost in an indulgent way. Take a look at Tom Harris's post on the film, or some of the comments left on YouTube following these clips

I get the point Tom and others are making and that they are in no way condoning Jamie's unpardonable behaviour. Thing is though, I find Jamie a deeply disturbing character. Yes he is one-dimensional, yes he is fictional, yes he has some clever one-liners, but the awful thing is, and partly where some of the humour lies, is that there any many people like Jamie in real life, being vicious, making other people's lives a misery and delighting in bullying.
And I am not saying there is no humour here, but it concerns me the way people look at Jamie's antics as if to say "Ah ! Bless him, the little scamp! Look at him go all angry!" Am I the only one who finds the character, as I have already stated, disturbing?
Just take a look at these scenes, beyond the abuse. He is called in by Malcolm to bully the Minister and his assistant. Thats what he's there for, as if that is his biggest value and he is not worth anything else? What a condemnation! Then look at the pathetic way he tries to please Malcolm by making a joke about kid gloves, then notice the large chip on his shoulder about class and confusing being polite with being a middle class snob. Sad thing is if a lot of middle class people with confidence came across the likes of Jamie, they would take a calm but snobby and superior attitude towards him in order to get him to shut up and to crawl back from whence he came! Not because of whatever background he had, but because he has no social skills or polite way of behaving. The initial attitude from his "victims", the sarcasm from the minister and the comment about being polite from the assistant says it all. The difference between them and many people including myself is that the moment he picked up the holepuncher would be the moment we would leave, followed swiftly by an official complaint.
The sad fact is though, that Jamie, if a fictional one-dimensional character has any depth, is clearly an unhappy, deeply insecure man, who evidently needs psychiatric help. Yes one can see the humour, but at the same time there are many like Jamie in all walks of life who clearly have deep problems.
I could also mention the slightly less deranged Malcolm, but that would be a pointless full-on rant! ;-)

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Sounds like you're the snob