John Prescott Steps Into Battle! :-)

Amidst the bad news and depressing environment that those of us who are Labour Activists are struggling with right now, John Prescott is a strong silver lining.
John has a great talent for rallying the troops and at the Party Conferences I have been at where he gave the final speech, he made many of us feel charged, willing, and ready to take on all comers and to defend our corner.
So it is that in his latest blog post, he mentions the preparations for the Prescott Express Battle Bus and the various places he will be visiting, and reminding us again of the need to fight back against the danger of BNP success in June
There is much to praise Labour for, much good we have done, the National Minimum Wage being a great example. Lets be bold and confident and remind ourselves why we got involved with Labour and bring the fight to others!


Man in a Shed said…
If John Prescott was a Tory you would be calling for his withdraw from public life because of the disgrace he brought on his high office.

Relying on John Prescott is a sign of moral bankruptcy.
Paul Burgin said…
What about forgiveness!
And please don't give me lectures about Tories and morality, I have seen enough of that when they were in office!

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